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Be Strong and Courageous: The Top 10 Concerns Plaguing Today’s Youth and the Power of Hope

    by Shen Maestre / March 23, 2022

    Christian Erfurt on Unsplash
    Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

    March 2020 when the Pandemic outbreak started; the year 2020-2022 has not been easy for today’s young people. Our educational system has been disrupted and we have been separated from our friends and families. During these uncertain economic times, I witnessed that some of our parents have lost their jobs and even lost hope of finding work. 

    From time to time we see black Facebook profiles in our FB timeline because of lost loved ones. As a teenager, I can say that we all live in this uncertain world, where our security is beyond our control. We do not know what is ahead. While I was thinking about what are the common problems of young people, I started browsing the internet. According to Inspiro Blog written by Monica Logan published on an Australian website, the top ten issues of personal concern for young people, ages 15-19 yrs old are:

    1. Coping with stress
    2. School or study problems
    3. Mental health awareness
    4. Body image
    5. Physical health
    6. Personal safety
    7. Family conflict
    8. Financial security
    9. Suicide
    10. Discrimination

    The ten issues are relatable to teenagers like me. We are vulnerable to problems, we heard on the news that during the pandemic many had committed suicide because of their workloads at school and some other problems. A lot of students were not able to cope with their stress, many are suffering from anxiety and depression.

    Another issue of adolescents mentioned is that we are conscious of the changes in our bodies. Sometimes we even feel insecure about how we look. Hence, we often seek approval from others. We are often bullied and discriminated against for what we are physically and mentally. There are times that we almost lose hope because of broken relationships, and parents parting ways, and we the children are being affected by the situations.

    Ben White on Unsplash
    Ben White on Unsplash

    From that, we learned that young people are experiencing struggles in life too, to the point that some even lost their hope and chose to end their lives. May we understand that when we have problems, giving up is not an option.

    Friends, if we are facing problems, let us be reminded that pains are only temporary. Our inner and outer struggles will end. For nothing is permanent in this world, even our problems. As they say, there is always a rainbow after the rain. So anything that is beyond our control, let it go and never give up.

    Young people, never lose hope, for these too shall pass. Have faith and face life every day with a smile and a brave heart. Amidst the uncertainties of the future, let us continue holding on to each other, believing and trusting that God is in control.

    Joshua 1:9 NIV,” Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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