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The Traveling Youth Series 1: Thailand

    by: Shen Maestre / April 19, 2022

    Nusa Penida Island, Bali
    Nusa Penida Island, Bali (

    THAILAND is one of the world’s most developed tourism markets in Asia. From world-famous cuisines up to beautiful beaches and good infrastructure. The “Land of Smiles” offers you the BEST and affordable accommodation.

    Are you planning to fly to Thailand? Well we got you covered! Whether you’re up for a travel adventure or a chilling vacation. Thailand will not disappoint. So what are you waiting for? Get to know the Important things our youth travelers need to know in traveling to Thailand:

    Guidelines and Travel Requirements.

    After a few years of mandating strict travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thailand has now opened its gates for travelers to enter the country, returning to normalcy by easing its travel requirements and restrictions.

    Starting from May 1, 2022, Travelers may enter Thailand with or without quarantine based on their vaccination status and country of departure. RT-PCR testing will no longer be required upon arrival.

    Vaccinated Travelers (No quarantine)

    • Passport 
    • Register for Thailand Pass:

    To do this you will need

    your passport profile page,

    certificate of full (2 doses) vaccination or vaccine card, and 

    proof of health insurance policy with coverage of at least $10,000 (Thai nationals and foreign expatriates under Thailand’s national healthcare coverage are exempted from this requirement.)

    Unvaccinated Travelers may enter Thailand under the Alternate Quarantine program or No quarantine program.

    >> Doing Alternate Quarantine Program


    Thailand Pass showing a confirmed booking of SHA+ hotel 5-day Alternate Quarantine

    Proof of health insurance policy requirements (at least USD$ 10,000 minimum coverage)

    A pre-booked RT-PCR test on arrival (if not included in your package)

    >> No Quarantine program

    Unvaccinated travelers can enter the No Quarantine program by completing the RT-PCR test. 

    To do this you must provide proof of a negative PCR test 72 hours before your departure date, passport profile page, medical insurance policy with at least 10,000$ minimum coverage.

    For unvaccinated travelers under 18 years of age, unaccompanied to Thailand must get vaccinated with at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine 14 days before traveling. Those traveling with vaccinated parents are exempted from quarantine and this requirement. 

    Travelers with a history of COVID-19 infection must have a medical certificate of COVID-19 recovery.

    Furthermore, as Thailand continues to experience local transmission of COVID-19. It is required to wear a facemask, practice social distancing and follow government restrictions. 

    Be reminded that travelers cannot enter Thailand until they have received their Thailand Pass, so make sure to start the application process well in advance; at least 3 to 7 days before your scheduled departure. 

    Passport-stamps-visas (

    Beautiful Sights And Landmarks To Visit.

    While you can visit Thailand all year round, the best time to travel is between November and early April as rainfall is limited and temperatures are manageable.

    For you not to miss out Thailand’s best travelling experience be sure to check out some of the beautiful attractions it has to offer for tourists.

    • The Grand Palace, Bangkok
    • Phuket
    • Floating Markets
    • Doi Suthep
    • Pai
    • Beaches of Koh Samui
    • Historic City of Ayutthaya
    • Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai
    • Koh Phi Phi
    • Maya Beach
    • Wild Elephants at Khao Yai National Park
    • Sukhothai Historical Park

    Traveling Tips.

    Get to know some traditions and customs to be aware of as a traveler in Thailand:

    It is illegal to disrespect The Thai Royal Family in any way.

    Do not touch or deface any image/statue of a Buddha or a monk, as this is highly disrespectful, as well as pointing the soles of your feet in their direction.

    Due to Thai’s highly superstitious nature, worship displays should not be touched. Such as Buddha images, don amulets, and altars in fear of disrupting the harmonious balance.

    The most senior person in the group will pay the bill at a meal in a restaurant. It is also traditional for the man to pay when accompanied by a lady. Do not take offence at this as it is a sign of respect and part of Thai culture.

    Meals are served buffet style. Be careful not to take the last of the food from a serving bowl. Instead,  leave a little food on your plate to show that you are full, otherwise it will be taken as an indication that you are still hungry (however do not leave rice on your plate as this is considered wasteful).

    Visit Thailand and don’t worry too much for Thais are renowned for the welcoming and warm disposition of their culture and people. Just remember to always be safe, polite, courteous, and mannered.

    So if you’re planning for a vacation to relieve stress, grow as a person, reduce tension, and avoid burnout then Thailand is one of the best gateways.

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