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Threads is Going to Dethrone Twitter (Terms and Conditions Apply)

    Will Threads be able to dethrone Twitter? Only time will tell, but we’ve learned from experience that content ultimately wins. (Al Majalla/Nash Weerasekera)
    Will Threads be able to dethrone Twitter? Only time will tell, but we’ve learned from experience that content ultimately wins. (Al Majalla/Nash Weerasekera)

    Shortly after Twitter – soon rebranded as ‘X’ by Elon Musk – users complained about his new policy of tweet restriction per day even for verified accounts, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta acted as if to save the day. Threads, which you may refer to as “Instagram but in Twitter style”, gained rapid sign-ups just a few hours after its official launch on July 5.

     Brief Overview

    Illustration of Threads logo (Dado Ruvic/Reuters)
    Illustration of Threads logo (The NewYorkTimes – Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

    Threads is now available for download in Google Play Store and App Store in more than 100 countries. It quickly received 30 million sign-ups after its initial release. Unlike Twitter which labels posts as “tweets”, Threads adopted its brand name to address posts. Meta’s newest application features more or less the same perks as Musk’s, with some improvements and drawbacks on the side.

    Adam Mosseri, Instagram CEO, stated that Threads comes to broaden public space for Instagram users, not to replace the ex-blue bird logo completely. However, it cannot be denied that gaining more users than Twitter is what Meta is attempting to do. They stated that Twitter basically had the ability to accommodate a community of 1 billion or more but has not been able to realize it yet, and Meta is going to get ahead.

    What Makes Threads So Special?

    Twitter and Threads vis-à-vis (Cubetech Innovations)
    Twitter and Threads vis-à-vis (Cubetech Innovations)

    Responding to Mark’s initiation, Musk stated that he will sue Threads for copying Twitter. It is true that Threads looks like a copycat of Musk’s platform at first glance — hence not a “new” thing. However, you might be curious about the distinctive features that set this new platform apart from its blue bird rival, creating a fresh and unique user experience.

    1. Compatibility with Instagram Account

    Imagine thousands or possibly millions of followers you immediately get right after you make an account. Threads requires you to create an account with your already existing Instagram. You have an option to automatically add your Instagram followers in Threads if they also have an account.

    Beside, you can also share your thread to your Instagram post and story. That way, people will also be notified that you are using Threads and may follow you. It is worth noting that Instagram boasts around 2 billion users, whereas Twitter has approximately 368 million users. It presents a significant opportunity for Meta to grow rapidly, as they would only need a quarter of Instagram’s user base to sign up for Threads to match Twitter’s.

     2. More Freedom in Microblogging

    Twitter allows you to type up to 280 characters (unverified user) and upload 4 photos maximum in one tweet. Threads surpasses its rival with its 500 characters and 10 photos maximum per thread, just like Instagram is able to do.

    Moreover, this platform beats Twitter as well in video duration. Unlike Twitter where you can only post a video of up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds, you can post videos up to 5 minutes in length in this brand new Meta social platform.

    Of course, you don’t need to get that “blue check” to enjoy the features above. Perhaps these are the most appealing features because users will have much more freedom to create content, share stories, and do other microblogging activities. With improved core features over what the blue bird currently has, no wonder people are quick to fall in love with this platform.

    3. Its Momentum of Release

    It cannot be denied that what made Threads successful in appealing to a hundred million people is its perfect timing. Threads was launched right after Musk made a controversial move on Twitter, leading users to yearn for the “old Twitter” era when microblogging, browsing, and expressing thoughts were more unrestricted.We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

    Why Won’t People Immediately Abandon Twitter?

    Choosing between Threads and Twitter (Piunika Web/Dwayne Cubbins)

    With the many advantages, Threads has over Twitter, expecting people to do an immediate exodus is unimaginable, at least for now. Some people feel that Twitter becomes more lame, others choose to be loyal to it, and some prefer to use both. There are 3 factors why Twitter should not be “worried” about losing its users immediately.

    1. Twitter Still Holds the Title as The Best Real-Time News and Trends Provider

    Millions argue that when it comes to real-time events updates, Twitter is unrivaled. It is not surprising if you frequently come across trends originating from this platform before others.

    Moreover, many politicians, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, journalists, and other professionals view Twitter as the easiest place to make conversation with others or react to certain trends and news. This strengthens Twitter’s position as the hottest public square because everything is constantly updated here.

    Mosseri also said that Threads will moderate politics and news contents in the future in order to create a “less angry space”. However, we have to admit that there are still many people out there who love controversial issues and gossip, especially when it comes to politics. While this may not be a positive sign for our society, still if we talk about user amounts, Twitter will not lose them immediately.

    2. Threads Still Need More Development

    Perhaps the best way for Threads to claim Twitter’s triumphant era is by providing what Twitter does not have. Currently, Threads does not provide users with direct messages and the ability to post and search for hashtags. Considering Meta, the probability of these features being updated in the future is almost 100%.

    Conversely, we cannot exactly guess what updates Musk will put on Twitter that would persuade people to stay. Both Meta and Twitter are big tech companies and their rivalry will always be heated up with more innovations.

    3. Using Threads Demands You to Install 2 Different Applications

    This is one of the biggest problems of creating a Threads account — you need a separate application. While this might not be a big deal for some people, many have devices with low internal storage and are thus unable to install the app on their phones.

    Accessing Instagram from a browser can be an alternative, but it is not as practical as opening it directly from the application. Hence, many decide to stay with Instagram only or just remain loyal to Twitter. After all, you only need one application for joining the blue bird.

    Looking at how gigantic a company Meta is today, surpassing the blue bird only a few months from its launch might not surprise the world. However, we know that Musk will not go down without a fight. Who knows what surprises he has up his sleeve to keep the Twitter crown on its head? People who currently enjoy Threads can only hope that Meta doesn’t implement any restrictive policies in the future. Otherwise, those who already left Twitter might return.

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